Sameer Chopra

Head of Research, Pacific & ESG, Asia Pacific

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Level 21, 363 George Street
Sydney, NSW 2000

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Sameer is responsible for framing the real estate market outlook and developing economic and property sector forecasts. He is proud of the unique insights he brings to the market, which are cutting edge.

It is critical to have conviction about what the future holds, and Sameer believes clients want to know what’s around the corner, not what’s happened. As investors that’s necessary to make informed decisions.

Research must be more than macroeconomic trends, Sameer believes. It needs to be useable information. He spent much of his career in banking and, as he puts it, is a finance guy. Bringing the discipline of finance to property is one of Sameer’s skills.

Sameer believes loyalty and friendship matters – long term relationships must be based on knowledge, respect and trust, and that’s how Sameer likes to think about clients.