CBRE manages portfolio performance and risk for our clients through employee focused services, technical building solutions, and supply chain optimization, innovation in energy and sustainability. Offering self-performance in more countries than any other provider, we deliver a full range of customizable Enterprise Facilities Management (EFM) solutions for our clients to sustain a workplace that attracts talent of the future whilst keeping operating expenses efficient.

Our 280+ CBRE facilities management professionals in Philippines help enhance your workplace environment and improve efficiencies by providing consistency of service, combined with locally tailored, customizable solutions. Our EFM operating platform is also the largest in the industry – we have an exceptional pool of skilled professionals and subject matter experts globally, regionally and locally to drive world class performance for our clients.

Our 30 years of experience in the facilities management market span across all types of sectors and work environments spanning from commercial offices, manufacturing plants to data centres across various sectors such as oil and gas, life sciences, technology and financial industry.


We offer cost certainty, improve operational efficiencies and reliability and reduce risk through multiple facilities management services and platform expertise, including:

  • Energy and sustainability platform management
  • Lean Six Sigma Methodology expertise for improved process and efficiency
  • Strategic supply sourcing for best services and prices
  • Employee services such as reception, mail delivery, reprographics and records management
  • Shared Service Centres located in Manila and Kuala Lumpur
  • Operations and maintenance management advisory services and mobile technicians support
  • Health & Safety Environment management with HSE professionals
  • Proprietary technology services including a CMMS (computerized maintenance management system)